Earn Money Online

Earn Money Online 

Hello friends, today I have brought a post of your work for you, how do you earn money sitting at home from the internet?  All of you use interenet, but you do not earn money from it.  All of you must be thinking about making money from the internet, but you do not have ideas on how to earn money, friends, I will tell you some ways to solve this problem, so let's start.

Affiliate marketing

 So the first way that you can make money by doing affiliate marketing is affiliate marketing is a program run by online e-commerce companies like amazon, flipkart, myntra etc.  In this program you can earn money by advertising the products of those companies, you can earn 5-10 thousand rupees a month and for this you do not need any degree or anything else, by using your phone, you can  You can easily earn money.  So let's move to the other way.


  You can also earn money from the internet by creating your own website, for this you will have to spend 500 - 1000 rupees in the beginning and only one phone or computer is required, from this you will initially get 3000 - 8000 and later to 35000-40000 rupees.  You can easily earn it depends on your website.  So let's move to the third method.


You must have watched the youtube channel of many people and you can also earn online by making youtube channel, although it takes a little time to earn money, but once the youtube channel has increased, you can earn a little money in it, you have some patience.  If you have to work and have to work, let's move to the third way.


So the fourth way is that you can earn money by becoming a freelancer, in this you must have an android phone and you must have a skill. It also has some websites like fiverr, truelancer, freelancer etc.  In these websites, foreigenres will give you jobs like logo making, photo edit krna etc. There is no fix in this, if someone earns you a job then you can earn money, in this your minimum earning is Rs 350 per order and in this  There are three orders in which their price increases.

 So friends, in today's post, that's it, now tomorrow you will be present firse with a new post for people, if you like this post, then comment and click on the turn on post notification.

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